Canada Day 4!

Sad to wake up this morning. I think this is one of my favorite places on earth. Not just for the fishing but there is something about the trees, air, wildlife, and solitude that combined together is the biggest mental revival I have experienced. Early morning pike produced 1 last fish that was 24 inches but fought like some 30+ in ones I have caught in the past. The fish in this lake are healthy and by no means skinny!

After heading in from the morning fishing everything was locked up and put away. After reaching the parking spot and loading up I fished a spot that I hadn't realized about before. Where a small creek used to be a beaver had dammed it up creating the perfect pond... Full of brook trout. So the last fish that I caught in Canada were a hand full of (once again healthy) brook trout. Great way to end the trip! Heading out we stopped at a restaurant for an amazing lunch and coffee and then made the awesome drive home along the coast of Lake Superior. The whole way home all I could think about was the spots on the lake I had been fishing the last couple days and of the next time I would be driving back up again.