Canada Day 1! (Travel)

This last weekend I spent several days up in Ontario out in the middle of no where at my uncles cabin. Returning after being there 14 years later it was a weekend of awesome weather, pike, brook trout, lake trout, moose, loons, and pine trees. The north end of the lake is where the cabin is located and a couple minute boat ride can put you anywhere on the 3 mile long lake with all different types of structure to fish.  Although the bite was somewhat slow this time, the fish that were caught were good ones and I would do the whole trip over again even if I knew I would only catch one fish. 

Day one involved hauling it to the cabin in a race to get to the quad before dark to start the trek in. No fish the first day but saw rises in the creek along the way. 

Discovering new spots, taking the four wheeler into the back country to new lakes, and seeing the mass amount of wildlife made this one of my favorite trips I have taken. I will be headed back there in 6 weeks for another weekend of fishing in the fall. So here are some pictures from the first day and the trip up. Much more to come!