Taylor Reels!

Last year I bought a fly reel from Taylor Reels who was having a start up on Kick starter.  Everything about the design of the product and the vision of the company was and is great!  The Array has a completely sealed drag system that is smooth yet can synch down to where line can barely be pulled off the spool.  And this is on a 3-4 model!  It turned out to be a really long wait to get the reel due to miscellaneous complications that occurred, but I did finally receive it! It is a light, fun reel to fish with and looks good on just about any rod that it can attach to.  

Since the season hasn't truly started (weather wise!) I have only used it a few times.  I am sure that as the fish start coming out of the ice caves I will be able to better say how it fishes.  Here are a few pictures I took a couple days ago. So far I am in love!