Rio Gold

Fishing with my new Rio Gold fly line and I absolutely love it! This line is unique in that not only does it load well for short casts in tight situations, but can make long casts as well.  The head on the line is much longer then normal as well as having a higher grain weight then the standard head on a 4 wt line.  I like this for a couple reasons because I like to over-line my set up anyways for better loading and a slower casting feel, I roll cast a lot where I fish and having a longer head length means more surface area which makes picking up the line a lot easier.  This is really important when I need a quick re-cast in a tight area.  

Bottom line it casts like butter, I can feel the action of the rod better, it slides through the guides like my cup of coffee does off the roof of my car as I am getting in and its orange. Which you can never go wrong with that color.  More pictures to come I'm sure.